This is the beat I march to.  It has inspired what I create and how I go about life.  I high-five to standing on mountain tops, long dinner table conversations and the steam rising off my morning coffee.  Discovering what cracks someone open and documenting their inspiring love and adventure stories is what makes me tick. 

The journey is rich and this life is good.



I see, I feel, I shoot. 

I love documenting the human experience and doing it as honestly as possible. 

The best way I capture people in their element is jumping on board with what they love doing together.  I’ve climbed trees, rocks, I’ve trespassed, stood on roofs, and signed wedding certificates under massive Redwoods.  In the case of elopements I have acted as a guide, helping pair destinations with tiny details so your special day aligns with your vision.  Whether it’s your local understanding of a place or mine, my goal is leave you with a body of work that is personal, beautiful and unique to you.

People’s stories inspire me. I can’t wait to hear yours.



From the Pacific Northwest to a chapter in Oklahoma, home has always been a mosaic to me.  It is a mixture of the people and places that inspire, shape, and keep me strong.  

I spent the past year living life on the road (Check it out here!), traveling across the Western US and Canada photographing couple’s love stories and adventuring into the mountains that intersected along the way.  Road life was good to me, not to be forgotten and always accessible.

Now I live in Carbondale, Colorado, a place I discovered along the way.  Just 30 miles NW of Aspen, we are nestled in a small mountain town with a community of people I love and access to incredible terrain.

Photo assignments and couple’s love stories still take me all over the place. I look forward to our paths crossing!


// YOU //

I wouldn’t be a photographer if I didn’t take a deep interest in my subject. You.  I aim to work with clients who are living intentionally and who like to cheers to life along the way. Most importantly, I love to work with those who keep laughter and their love for one another at the forefront.  

If you are investing in art through the lens of my photography, I want to meet your vision and approach things together.  I’m excited for you to walk away with images that not only reflect your incredible day but who you are together.

Let's connect! I'd love to hear from you!

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